Area Attractions

World's End State Park - Located near Forksville, Pa. is World's End State Park. This park is a great place to go with the family; with trails for hiking and a large, natural swimming hole in the Loyalsock Creek for a place to swim. If you like the outdoors, this is a place the whole family can enjoy. When you visit this park, be sure to visit Canyon Vista and High Knob Overlook. (Canyon Vista is the mountain view banner pictured atop of this site.)

Ricketts Glen State Park - On the other side of Sullivan County, you will find this fabulous state park. Another wonderful area if you like the outdoors. Ricketts Glen has 22 named waterfalls that are simply breathtaking to see and a woods full of wildlife. Plus, if you like the water, visit nearby Lake Jean. Here you can fish, swim, or maybe you would like to rent a boat and row about the lake.

The Haystacks - Located just a short distance from the motel, you will find these rapids located on the Loyalsock Creek in Sullivan County. These haystacks got their name for the strange rocks poking out of the water that look like haystacks. These are located on the famous Loyalsock hiking trail which is also great for mountain biking.

Loyalsock Trail - This famous hiking trail is nearly 60 miles long. It extends through Lycoming and Sullivan County. Whether you are a hiker or a biker, you are sure to find your adventure here.

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide - This is a fun winter activity for the family where you can ride on a toboggan across the lake when its frozen over. There's a track for the toboggans and the more the merrier!

Bow hunters’ Festival - For all of you archers out there, this is an event where you can hone your skills and compete against other archers. Also try to see the Maple festival, Winter Festival and several others celebrated at the fairgrounds.

Fishing - There are plenty of places to go fishing if that's something you like. A few places to trout fish are: Double Run, Hoagland Branch, Pole Bridge Run, Mill Creek, the Loyalsock, Little Loyalsock, Lake Jean, and Hunter‘s Lake. Also, located not to far away is the Susquehanna River where there is fabulous fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, and catfish.

Dushore Park - Here you can play basketball and tennis with friends, skateboard, and there's a playground for the little ones. Kast’s pond is also located in Dushore, if you’re interested in partaking in a little fishing for the afternoon.

Canyon Vista - This is the grand canyon of Sullivan County. It's a great place for sightseeing.

High knob Overlook - This is a scenic overlook of the Loyalsock Valley. Supposedly from here you can view seven counties.